Development of Android application for embedded devices used in industrial environment

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The goal of my thesis is to develop a client-side application for Android operating system which dominates the worldwide smartphone market share. The target of the application is a custom, embedded device with an RFID reader used in industrial environment.

The application can control the RFID reader and can read the RFID tags on a location which has a pre-installed positioning system. The software is able to communicate with the local server to get information about the tag. The embedded device will work on the forklifts so we can follow the products.

The document starts with literature research where I write about the Android architecture and its use-cases, especially focusing on the industrial environment.

After writing about the use-cases I write about the available integrated development environments for the Android platform and describe the complete application development infrastructure used in the development process.

In the second part of my thesis I describe how I designed and implemented the application.

The last section of the document contains how I tested the client and I write about the further development possibilities.


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