Monitoring of Android application usage with biofeedback devices

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my interdisciplinary study in the fields of informatics and physiology I was trying to create a measuring environment, which is precise, cheap to put to together and easy to access. With this environment we are able to monitor the actions of the user by using biofeedback sensors. In the course of my psychological and engineering studies the human element is extremely important to me, so I tried to create such an application, which leads to more human-friendly usage of smartphones and tablets.

My goal was to extend the monitoring process of the department’s Adapted project to applications created by other developers, and to expand the options of the monitoring by adding new devices to the repertoire.

In my study I developed an application for Android operation system, which is using the possibilities and functions provided by the department’s framework, and is able to monitor the user’s actions and activity while using any application installed on the device. On the server of the framework project we are able to store and process the following data: screenshots of the application, heat map based on the eye movement of the user, values calculated from EEG signals, values calculated from heartrate monitoring.

I managed to achieve the goals that I have set, the applications has been created and as I demonstrate in a case study, it is useful for monitoring applications ergonomically, while at the same time monitoring the physiological signals of the user. Thus it can help the work of software developers, ergonomists and psychologists. In the future the usage of the software is expandable by adding additional biofeedback devices and using more platforms.


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