Automatic generation of Android user interfaces based on Photoshop prototypes

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays mobile devices are playing an important role in our lives. The number of them have recently dramatically increased, and the market is still expanding. The increase is mostly due to the expansion of device capabilities. The positive changes of the capabilities and computing power has allowed the use of komplex applications. For almost every task exists and app now.

With the more devices, more platforms appeared. From the many available mobile operating systems, Android owns the biggest market share. It rules more than the half of the market. In the application store of the platform more than one million app is available. Huge part of them was not implemented by the same person, who the design was made by. In most cases the plans were made by a graphical using a drawing program. There are many popular drawing programs, but the one with the biggest market share and user base is the Adobe Photoshop[3].

Developers don’t use drawing programs to implement an application, and there is no available tool that makes possible to automatically process and generate the user interface of an application from a design made by the market leader drawing program. It causes that during the development a lot of time is lost with the implementation of an already existing UI.

In view of the problem above and the market shares, the goal of my thesis is to develop a tool that is able to automatically process a PSD file, which is created according to a predefined structure. During the process, create a platform independent model based on the structure of the file, and generate the user interface of an Android application from the platform independent model. The goal of the tool is to let the programmer aim on the business logic of the application, by creating the layout instead of him, saving time and money during a mobile project.


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