Testing methods for Android applications

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s smartphones are developing at a rapid speed. The mobile phones

running Android operating system are the clear market leaders. The variety and the

number of applications available to the platform are continuously growing. However,

the rapid appearance of mobile applications raise quality and usability issues. Therefore,

the testing of applications became an essential factor to ensure the appropriate quality


In parallel with the development of the operating system, different test systems

have appeared. The purpose of this thesis is gathering and presenting these tools. The

required preliminary tasks for this work are collecting and presenting the fundamental

testing approaches which are independent from any test system. In addition, the

specifications and general properties of frameworks are also included in the preliminary

tasks. This feature is responsible for the creation of a unified viewpoint, and the creation

of opportunities for comparison of different systems.

Of the briefly described and presented systems, with different characteristics,

functions and possible uses, some have more detailed descriptions and testing examples.

The purposes of detailed descriptions are the explanation of the selected system’s

functions, the deduction of required preparation before use, as well as the completion of

tests created by the previous aspects, including the interpretation and evaluation. With

the created tests, the writing of an overall assessment of test systems is also possible.

Development opportunities offered by Android are also described. These

features are designed to help the testing processes, as well as to give some instructions

to the developers. In addition, the document has further recommendations to previously

created test methods. This information has connections between the test aspect and the

recommended test systems.


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