Android frontend design for mobile robotic applications

OData support
Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Department of Automation and Applied Informatics has been engaging in the Eurobot international contest. The participating robots has to solve different task each year, so the participating team has to redesign their robots year by year to ensure success.

The aim of this thesis is to present the implementation of an Android frontend, designed for tablets, which is capable of communicating with Linux-based robotic applications. During the development phase, my primary objective was to present the collected data in an easily understandable way. In addition, I laid emphasis on that, the codebase should be easily reusable – through minimal modifications – with other Linux-based robots.

In the first part of this paper, the used hardware equipment is presented along with their operating systems. After that, the completed software structure is being analysed, showing the implementation patterns I used during the development phase. The user interface of the application is being presented as well. Finally, through analysing the whole system architecture and drawing the conclusions, I look at the further development possibilities of the system.


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