Android homework management system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is about thin-client application development by modern web technologies like Google Web Toolkit and JavaFX. This semester I successfully developed a rich internet application, which can be used by students of the university. The application aims to support a course called Android-based software development and ease the work of instructors at AMORG department. Students can upload solutions for home assignments easily via web interface and they can also check their evaluation there. Instructors can manage semesters, groups, and submitted assignments via their specified web interface. The evaluation process is also simplified by a service which installs the applications belonging to submitted assignments to the mobile phone. This way the evaluation process is accelerated.

The Google Web Toolkit is a Java based development toolkit, which can be used in order to create rich internet applications using standard Java programming language. By the end of the development process the Java code is compiled into cross-browser compatible JavaScript files; thus the execution of the developed application does not need any complex supporting environment, only a browser that can execute JavaScript code. It is far easier to develop thin-client applications with GWT, because it uses many predefined forms and tools that can be instantly used in our application.

The other technology that I used is JavaFX. It is also a Java based technology for developing rich internet applications, but it needs a run-time environment installed on the client machine. There are several differences between GWT and JavaFX, but the most important is that JavaFX’s codes are compiled into Java binary code instead of JavaScript (that’s why it needs run-time environment). Another difference is that JavaFX is only for client development and has no server side component unlike GWT. In my application it is used at the evaluation interface, because it can reach the client’s local file system and can start processes on the client’s machine. These features are needed for installing applications to the mobile phone.


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