Developing Android-based client application for distributed workflow system - Creating the User Interface and Business Logic

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to rapid technological developments and the expansion of various telecommunications forms the so-called smart phones are getting more and more popular. These devices have much more processing capability than traditional mobile phones and they provide many special features. With simplification and acceleration of communication between people many work-related tasks can be made more efficient, these smart phones and special applications for the devices are used to assist on such things.

There are various software solutions for the management of common work related tasks for years. These workflow management systems can be integrated to enterprise resource planning systems and they can define the operation of the company based on its processes. However, these applications are quite complex and not mobile.

To eliminate this disadvantage is a possible solution to create workflow management applications to portable devices, smart phones, which make communication between employees more efficient, while integration of software based processes is secondary. Because of the scarce resources and small sizes, an entirely new user experience should be provided to ensure ergonomic, simple interfaces providing maximum functionality for the smart phone applications. At the same time these devices provide several special abilities such as location-based services that can be utilized in such a workflow management system.

To realize this idea a project named MFlow, a single workflow management system supported by mobile devices was born at BUTE Department of Automation and Applied Informatics. During my thesis I have joined this project, I was involved in specification and designing of the platform. In addition I have designed the business logic and the user interface of the Android smart phone client for the system, and I have implemented the prototype of the application.


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