Developing Android-based client application for distributed workflow system - Creating the data- and communication susbsystems

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the spectrum of functions of the smartphones is getting wider and wider, they can be at our help in more and more ways. These devices can even help us proceeding with our daily routines, only the lack of proper applications can keep them from evaluating various tasks. This is why it is rewarding to work in such a new and emerging field of computer science, where the users have an increasing demand in new applications.

In an industrial environment, using workflows is a fine solution for the management and the organization of the work. The workflow is a multirole process, where the participators are assigned to evaluate smaller tasks, whose result can be the input of other tasks. There are a number of applications designed to help with these work-organization tasks, like the one called BPEL. The main downside of these products is that they only support stationary usage, they can not be used anywhere.

In my thesis, I took part in a project, where the main goal was to implement a new, multiplatform, mobile workflow organizer. A system like this uses the benefits of the smartphones, where not only the increased computational capabilities and the mobility can be turned into advantage, but also the extra functions like using the GPS, taking pictures with a camera and sending them. Organizing the workflows is easy and mobile with the help of our new system.

In the framework of the project, my job was to participate in the creation of the Android client, which was designed in teamwork. My tasks were to lay out, implement, and finally test the communication and the data processing modules. During this software developing process, I had to get to know the HTTP protocol over secured layer, the XML standard, and last but not least the Android operating system in details.


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