Android based parking application

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Cruising for parking is more and more problematic in today’s urban car transport. Surveys showed that in densely populated areas, drivers searching for parking space can add up to 75% of total car traffic. People are trying to provide solution to the problem by many means, and with the growing smartphone penetration there are more and more IT solutions building heavily on these devices’ capabilities.

The parking system developed at the university uses the drivers’ parking events to construct a parking map, and provides optimal route planning using this data. The subject of my thesis is the planning and developing of an Android client for the system, responsible for displaying the parking data on top of a road map and calculating optimal route for the users. It uses Nutiteq SDK, an open-source alternative to Google Maps for map rendering from an underlying MapsForge map file, and uses free OpenStreetMap map data to correctly display the parking data. To perform routing, it utilizes an open-source library called GraphHopper. Parking data comes from the system’s server in a custom format. Beside the up-to-date parking data from the server, the application does not generate network traffic. The map rendering and route planning happens offline, locally on the device.


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