Refactoring an Android based communication framework

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Android is one of today's most popular mobile platforms, which can be conveniently programmed for in the Java programming environment. One of the most common standards that allow interoperable machine-to-machine interaction is the set of web-service standards, but on the Android platform, that is only supported by a few distinct solutions, and even then only on the level of basic client side services.

The university developed a framework, which supports using the description of the high level web-service and the starting and accepting web-service calls. The framework is substantially part of the pilot application.

Two students developed the first version of the program side by side, client side and server side separately. The two parts were made together, so some of the part solutions can be different, but they have the same function.

It causes problems, that some of the solutions are not the same. On this basic were built other students works, which improved the framework, therefore the source became more complex.

The main problem of almost all of the projects is, that we don’t have enough time. Speaking of school tasks, company applications, works for competitions we need to create a functioning program before the deadline. Due to the rush the developer has obvious mistakes, which make the continuing harder.

My aim was to refactoring the framework. First of all, I needed to get to know the source very detailed. In my work I planned the modifications which were necessary. These modification’s main reason is to help the using of the code. I needed to fix certain problems, which made smaller changings in the program. I did not change the basic steps, because the original behaviour must be the same as the behaviour after the refactoring.


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