Authentication extension of a communication framework for android

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, the world is shifting towards mobility and the use of the Internet, mobile devices (smart phones, tablets), are becoming more and more popular, and the application development for mobile devices has became a very essential question. Currently the most popular smart phone platform is Android, which provides stream-based communication facilities, but lacks any higher-level object oriented communication option. In an earlier paper a framework was created to fill in this gap, called AJAR. It provides a Java RMI-like Remote Procedure Call feature, and has TCP and Bluetooth implementation as lower layer.

This paper documents the expansion of the AJAR framework, which in its original form lacks any authentication capability. The paper also mentions briefly some already available authentication frameworks. The new objects expand the middle layer of AJAR, which responsible for the object oriented data transfer, giving the possibility to identify and sing the messages through a pluggable interface. This way on the other end of the communication line, the integrity and the source of the messages can be verified.

The paper contains the description of the expansion, a sample authentication implementation using RSA, and measurements, testing how the new implementation affects the framework’s latency and overhead.


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