Permission handling and task scheduling in an Android test network

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, smartphones play an important role in everybody's life giving us the opportunity to collect a lot of invaluable information about the world and the user. Such information was either unavailable or very expensive to collect for those who study human behaviours, offline and/or online interaction - until now. ICT DroidLab utilizes this brand new opportunity. An Android-based measurement framework created in a university projekt, which enables researchers who are not familiar with Android programming to run their automatized tests on hundreds or thousands of devices, and collect all measured data.

During writing my thesis, my aim was to create a prototype of a framework that can dinamically be modified and extended by adding new components, and enables researchers to run their automatized tests. In my thesis, I describe the architecture of the framework and the background of every decision I made during designing it. Based on measurement data, I have chosen the appropriate communication technology available on the platform which best suits the demands of the framework. I have also designed and implemented a quoting system, by which the user can controll and customize the behaviour of the framework.

During the semester, I have created a functional prototype of the framework described above, as well as a plugin for demonstrational purposes, which can be integrated to the framework; besides, I have helped one of my classmates in the design and implementation of a fully functional automatised test (so-called module).


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