Android platform controllable strategy game development in PC environment

OData support
Suba Gergely
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The processing power of today’s mobile phones with their advancing capability to perform numerous tasks, is drastically increasing. They are able to fulfill more and more functions and can be applied in many fields, given the suitable application. Furthermore, due to the prevalence of smartphones, about 70 percent of the population possesses such a device, and most of them come with the Android operating system.

Thanks to the decent performance of smartphones, the development of games on such platforms has also been on the rise, and due to the improved accessibility of the internet, the online multiplayer games are becoming fairly common. However, one of the greatest disadvantages of smartphones compared to computers is their limited screen size, which in turn restricts the functionalities of games. Although in many cases, the user interface of phones is more convenient than that of a PC.

In case of multi-user games, it may very well be possible to use the advantages of both PCs and mobile phones, thus creating a new type of gaming experience for its users. The topic of this thesis is the development of such a multiplayer strategic game that runs on a computer, but is controlled with the help of an application on smartphones.

In the making of the game, different realization strategies are looked upon, and the specification of the PC and the smartphone sides are envisioned, utilizing the advantages of both platforms. The solution encompasses the .NET and Android platforms and featuring local network play. For the network communication, web services are deployed, which are supported by the WCF framework.

Following the resolution, the finalized software’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possibility of further improvements are investigated.


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