Analysis and implementation of Android-based HDR frame application

OData support
Kőrösi Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My project is an open source, user-friendly android-based application, and HDR (high dynamic range) image-processing algorithm was to prepare. The application allows filters with different parameters, after applying these filters, we can view the results.

We have two types of image loading in the program. We can take picture with the android's own camera software and we can load default picture.

Different effects can manipulate my images to gray scale, can be used contrast and brightness and HDR effects with slider. I make the HDR pictures from an LDR (low dynamic range) image with methods which described my paper, in these I „cheat” the light intensity to the images, which our eyes can see and the camera is not able by itself.

At the end of my project I test the application, examine the effects in the images I photographed. Finally, I measure the run time with performance tests on different size pictures.

The main point was that easy to use this application. The program aimed to the simplicity, user-friendly.


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