Overriding Android Application Permissions by the Users

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In our fast-paced world we cannot already live without mobility. The appearing of mobile phones made mobily telephoning easy. The market of mobile devices changed a lot when smartphones came out and put classic mobile phones into the background. The marketing of the smartphones and their technical potential provided by the development companies were undeniable. As of today, the most device is based on the Android OS from Google Inc. This advantage is due to the wide support of vendors and also the freedom that the platform provides to the developers and users. However, this freedom has its own price: we can already see the vulnerabilities of the Android security. One of the roots of the problems is the openess of the system. There is no code inspection for the developed applications, and thus the unaware users might be victims easily. Another problem is the inflexibility of run time permissions handling in Android. There is no place for user interaction here, the user can only accept or deny the permissions in a complete package and not individually.

The goal of this master's thesis work is to provide a short introduction to the Android system and present possible patches to fix the previously mentioned security issues. Finally, I can show my own solution. With the help of this solution I can prove that it is possible to make the whole system more secure.


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