Client Side Android Framework for Accessing a Social Network Portal

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In these days the popularity of social networks is undiminished. In spite of the success of these systems, university communities still can not efficiently take advantage of the services provided by social networks. The topic of this thesis is the development of an Android mobile client for a social network, which will be available on the website and is specialized on university communities.

In the same time, the client is also a framework, providing only a simple interface and basic social services for users. To ensure the availability of rich social functionality, end users need to install these in the form of plugins. This way, all users can form the application based on their needs. The framework provides interfaces for developers to support the development of new plugins.

I analyzed the methods for sending push notifications to the phone, by which information can be shared quickly by consuming only minimal resources. Besides this, I examined the techniques for efficiently building plugins to the Android platform.

The extensions can be installed in the form of applications, but they do not appear among other programs of the phone. The plugins can integrate into the user interface of the mobile, can extend functions or even create new ones. The framework provides social services for plugin developers, which support the development of these extension programs. I present the usage of the framework by creating a plugin, which uses the framework's instruments to communicate with a server and handle incoming messages to implement a chat interface.

An important part of the thesis is the implementation of a push communication between the server and the client, by which message sending is possible quickly and efficiently. The example plugin also uses this implementation for message sending, but the main aim of the service is providing the base for further developments, which will make it possible to real-time inform the user of any changes in the social network.


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