English Word Quiz Application in Java Spring Framework

OData support
Filep Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Web application development is a fastly developing and professionally popular area, which has many related technologies. Each approach can differ from the progrraming language through the application’s architecture to the provided user experience.

In my thesis I will demonstrate the design and implementation processes of a web-accessible English word learning game, which, in contrast to most other games of this kind, is a multiplayer game.

The application’s business logic will be built on the foundation of the Java Spring framework, which, despite not being the industry leader for web application development, provides professionally competitive technologies and developer experience. The user interface is built on the Angular.js Javascript framework, which is a popular choice for developing an SPA (single page application) and also for mobile app development. The two systems will communicate with each other through a REST interface.

In the thesis I will detail the application’s requirements and the used technologies based on those, then I will guide the reader through the steps of design and implementation, and assess the completed work.


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