English Word Quiz Application in Java Spring Framework

OData support
Filep Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis document is a java based solution for a web application using Spring and Wicket frameworks.

The first section summarises the applied technologies. It is primarily about the Spring framework and its „just run” form, that is Spring boot and the applied modules of that: the Spring data repository model and the Spring security; together with the Wicket web application framework for the Java programming language. The section covers these technologies’ most important advantages and basics respectively the most common use cases.

After the review of the technological stack the business specification of the application comes, then the procession of implementation based on that the exact designer steps and their implementations connecting to the architecture. At the end of that the testing plan and actual testing are described shortly.

The document ends with the evaluation of the work done, then summarizes experiment acquired with the future possibilities of further developing.


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