Configuration File Editor Using Angular

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The PiQ-Player is a media player application which is working in a production environment. The player can be configured by using a specially defined model. This model describes the arrangement, timing and movement of raw media content (pictures, sounds, videos, texts, animations). There are several dependencies that determine the structure and content of the model. With the PiQ-Player comes an Angular-based web application called PiQ-Editor, which provides the opportunity of creating a model. However, with this application only those who know the internal structure of the PiQ-Player can create a proper model. Furthermore, during the development of PiQ-Editor, user expectations concerning user experience were not taken into consideration, which made using the application inconvenient and complicated. There is no user management, so it is not possible to save, list, and load user specific files.

In my dissertation I am overviewing methods of user experience design, then I am introducing how I used them during the development of PiQ-Editor. In order to eliminate the problem that the user has to know the internal structure of PiQ-Player to be able to effectively use PiQ-Editor, I have created a new easy-to-use modelling language which can be used to create a model that can be transformed to be runnable by the PiQ-Player. I am also introducing some of the most important web technologies, and how I used them in practice during the process of solving this problem. Furthermore, I am going to present some of the major decisions I have made during the development of the application, and the implementation details of the backend service.


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