Development of an Angular based scheduling portal

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are administrative tasks in many fields, that can be solved with creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets. However, these spreadsheets are usually not intuitive, they do not meet the expectations of a given business area and their maintenance can be difficult. As an alternative solution to these spreadsheets, it could be useful to create applications that support the administrative processes to be performed in an easy-to-maintain way.

Such an administrative task is the preparation of the timetable for final exams that occurs in every semesters at universities. As a result of this process, each student must be assigned to a final exam timeslot, which is applicable for the student's consultant and there are also available examiners of the subject (or subjects) chosen by the student. During the final exam, the participation of an internal and an external member is also necessary, as well as of a chairman and a secretary.

In previous semesters, this kind of assignments were made with using Excel spreadsheets, that were time consuming and labor-intensive. In order to support the final exam scheduling, I create an intuitive graphical interface, which provide a good overview on the schedule and its based on the Final Exam Assistant system developed by the Automation and Applied Informatics Department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and covers the processes and tasks of the final exam related to the organization.

In my thesis, I present the requirements arising from the preparation of the final exam assignment task and with using a wireframe like design, I also present the application to be produced. In addition, I introduce the applied technologies that are also used to examine the feasibility of the scheduling application, and then, based on the conclusion of the study, I prepare a solution which will be integrated with the Final Exam Scheduler. At the end of my thesis, I evaluate the completed application and present the development options and goals of the further possibilities.


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