Angular 2-based configuration file editor application

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The PiQ-Player is a special media player application which is working in a production environment. The player is configured by a JSON formatted file. There are several defined structural and logical dependencies in the configuration file. The alignment, timing and movement of the raw media content (images, sound, videos, text) is described by the configuration file that can only be configured by the developers of the player, because only they can verify if the created file is correct. There is no automatic verification, so the output can be inaccurate. Moreover there is no user interface so it is difficult to create a configuration file for those who do not understand the inner behavior of the PiQ-Player, and are not familiar with the structure of the JSON file.

In my dissertation I am analyzing the metamodel of PiQ-Player and I am creating a web application with Angular 2 framework, which helps to write a verified and accurate configuration file. I am also presenting the important web technologies and the way I am using them. I am verifying my solution with tests, and validating it with the help of the PiQ-Player.


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