Antenna tracker creation for flying models

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of the thesis is to achieve a rotating mechanism which is able to target the antenna system to the plane during the flight, increasing the operating range and ensure trouble-free signal transmission. To achieve this, we need to know the exact position of the plane, which provided by a GPS unit. The position data embedded in the analog video signal of the camera. The video from the embedder goes to a transmitter. On the ground, a video receiver receives this signal, and the ground unit decodes the position information. It calculates the right direction, considering the location of the station. Than rotates the mechanism to the target. The work is starting with studying the currently available models and control systems. It is important that an existing system can integrate this work too. I’ll present the signaling channels and the antennas used in the modeling. This is followed by the appropriate units of hardware design and programming. The modules are used, and software solutions are discussed in detail in the main body of the paper.

Since a small error could crash your model, the completed modules separately tested by storing below. The finished devices which are ready, tried in practice with an existing aircraft.


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