Measurement controller system design, for anechoic antenna chamber measurements

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Matolcsy Balázs
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The purpose of my thesis is to design a measurement controlling software and graphical user interface for antenna measurements in MATLAB environment. For all this, the deep knowledge of the instruments and measurement techniques is a must.

In my work I present the controlling and integration into a measurement system of the following instruments: (antenna rotator, spectrum analyzer, radio frequency signal generator, vector network analyzer).

After summarizing the theoretical background, I present the individual measurement arrangements. Subsequently, I explain in details the structure and the most important functions of the software. The operation is presented through a test measurement with many diagrams, step by step. Since I had no chance to test the software with a real measurement, the data processing and visualization functions were performed with generated data sets.

The automatically generated measurement report by the software is attached to the Appendix, and the full MATLAB code is contained in the attachment.


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