Establishment of the database storing and evaluating anthropometric data

OData support
Dr. Steiner Henriette
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Goethe Gait Lab is dealing with biomechanical measurements. Its main purpose is to study human movement with respect to normal anatomical and physiological parameters. On the one hand, it strives to enable a more complete understanding of human movement. On the other hand, it works to make deviations of movement development and execution, which are diagnosed and investigated in healthcare, measurable and possible to evaluate. As a part of this duty, it is necessary to prepare a human biological database that stores the anthropometric data of a given patient and can perform calculations based on percentile tables. In the following dissertation, I am going to introduce the discipline that forms the theoretical basis of biomechanical measurements. This discipline is called anthropometry. Also, I am going to describe anthropometric tools currently in use, and the types of data they provide. Additionally, the possible uses for these data will be discussed. I am going to suggest a new approach for storing and accessing data, through means made possible by modern info-communication systems. A complete database and the current state of the web interface responsible for online access will also be presented. At the end of the dissertation, I am going to discuss paths for further development.


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