Investigation of surface mechanical properties of materials with AFM

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Dr. Bonyár Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

My goal was to develop and implement a measuring method that allowed us to measure surface mechanical properties quantitatively with an atomic force microscope. The advantage of the method is that it makes it possible to locally measure mechanical properties on the nanoscopic scale. As the material science and technology developed, the industry started using more and more modern material (e.g. materials with a few nanometers grain size), thus generating the need for a measuring method to examine such materials.

I reviewed the possibilities to measure mechanical properties with an atomic force microscope and chose a method considering the infrastructure of the Department of Electronics Technology. The method is based on the tip-sample interaction, and with the help of the method, you can calculate the power/energy dissipation in each point of the sample. To ease the evaluation I developed a graphical user interface using Matlab. With the successfully implemented method I examined the quantitative mechanical properties of a Sn-Ag-Cu based solder joint and found that there is a difference in power/energy dissipation measured on different phases of the solder joint


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