Monitoring of aquaponic system

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I present an innovative method for keeping plants and fish, furthermore I briefly describe the requirements and parameters which are necessary to operate such a complex system. It is indispensable to compare certain quantities in such ecosystems with the desired values for proper operation, for which sometimes individual measurement devices are enough. However, there is no device on the market that can measure all characteristics together and allow graphical display of data. To overcome this, it is a revolutionary equipment that was developed during the creation of this document.

First, I describe in detail the operation of the aquaponics systems, and I present the scope of the minimum quantities to be measured and the operating principle of some of the sensors that are used. I provide an insight into the structure of a previously prepared measuring instrument and then I describe a possible construction and measurement method for some of the modular controlling and monitoring system’s modules. Next, I elaborate the detailed hardware design of the EC sensor module, as well as its design aspects and the reasons for the chosen solutions. I also illustrate the intermediate states and the final result with some pictures which was taken in the design program. In the next section I summarize the tools which are used for the chosen programmable device and the knowledge that is required for their application and explain the module's operating software. After the primary test, I also describe the final measurement results. Finally, I provide a brief summary of the thesis assignment and highlight the acquired competences.


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