3D current visualization software for a microelectronics simulator

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Dr. Pohl László
Department of Electron Devices

Throughout the development of electronic devices, a key element is the thermic simulation of the given device. The heat, produced by the flowing electric current, can affect the operational behavoiur of the device, resulting malfunction. Therefore, calculating the exact location of dissipation and the amount of heat has become inevitable.

With the application of Sunred Electrotermic Simulator, the simulation of these devices has become possible. On the other hand, this program is unable to visualize the calculated results in 3-dimension, hence rendering it useless in finding the route of the current flow.

I developed an application, capable of interactive 3-dimensional visualization of the examined device. In the first half of this thesis I present the used softwares in detail, including the particular dissection and the operation of the OpenGL pipeline. Later on, after the analysis of the programs code, I demonstrate its functions with test examples.


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