Implementation of current controlled electrical drives in CompactRIO system

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, controlled electric drives are widely used. Besides industrial appliances, they are widely used in transportation and household devices either. In my thesis, I have realized the drive control software of a direct current, and a brushless direct current motor. During my work I applied my previous results from the classes Önálló Labor I and II, for instance the speed measuring software and plans of other software components.

During the preparation of my thesis I have studied the current control methods and their practical applications in details, and prepared software solutions to the current control with hysteresis and PI controllers. I have examined the speed control methods and the speed measurement with quadrature encoder and prepared solutions for the speed control, and signal processing of quadrature encoders for speed and position measurement.

I have prepared an operator interface for controlling and examining the operation of the drive control software. At last, I have made measurements about the operation of the current and speed control, and made suggestions for the further development.


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