Development of a face recognition software

OData support
Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days picture processing and analysis is one of the most rapidly developing branches of information technology. The modern sensors with own embedded control and sign preprocessing systems provide data of better and better quality and many useful services besides the same or even lower prices. As the modern picture processing systems can be used in many fields of life, there is a real need for it in industry. My work was inspired by this need. The company, where I spent my internship is interested in all the brand new technologies, even the experimental ones and all the possible directions of future development. That’s why I got this project. The aim of my work is to discover some of the algorithms currently available for face recognition, and implement them in a simple software, for experimental purposes, to find out what they are good for, and how reliable they are.

By getting involved into this project of software development, now I had the opportunity to get to know such kind of methods and technologies, that are not tightly involved by electrical engineering, but undoubtedly are going to be useful experiences if I have to develop special softwares in my future works.

At first I write about the components and settings necessary to bulid and run the code, then I will present the details of the face recognition algorithms and image preprocessing methods used in this project and their implementations. Later I will describe the database layer and the elements of the graphic user interface implemented under the Windows API. In the last chapter I share my experinces about the use of my software.


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