Facial Recognition System Designed for School, Business Environment

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As I wrote my thesis and created the software for it I had a chance to look

deeper in the theory of face detection and recognition. After I completed the project and

accomplished my goals, I had an application which can run in real-time and detect and

recognize faces robustly and that way it can help to automate tasks.

I looked for different approaches in face detection and I tested them but at the

end I chose the Viola-Jones object detector algorithm because that was the best in all of

them. The same way, I started to search for an accurate face recognition method and I

ran tests to see the results. After the tests, I selected the so called Eigenfaces algorithm

because with that I reached up to 90% accuracy.

With this two, separate module (namely detection and recognition) I created a

system which can generate attendance sheets. With that we can save a lot of time in

different cases. In the generated Excel sheet, we can find who stepped in the door at a

specific time.

After the system was created I had to make tests on it in order to determine if I

can use it in real life situations. So, I made test scripts for the more complex algorithms

and tested those for accuracy and running time. After I ran all the tests I can say that the

system can be used in real life situations.


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