Developing Archon game using Unity3D framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of my thesis is the implementation of a 3d videogame using the unity3d framework and making an introduction about the framework. My game was based upon a favored videogame from the 80’s called “Archon”, which was like the crossbreed of a chess game and an arena brawler. The original game was from a top down 2D perspective, and used the graphical capabilities of the classical computers (C64, Amiga).

The game was made by solely me, and without a character designer, who could make the models and animations for my game. Because of this I greatly leaned upon the components found in the asset store, which was made for unity to share and sell finished pieces of anything remotely useful in unity. Most of my models and animations are from there.

A basic rules of the game is that 2 players fight against each other. One is with the light side, and the other is with the dark side. The game has 2 phases, in the first the players take turn on a chessboard like map to move with their units, when two hostile units collide a fight starts. The arena of the fight is based upon on which board tile was the fight started. There are 3 arena types, one is for the light (white) tiles which is a glade, where light units have increased health while dark units has decreased health. The second is for the dark (black) tiles, which is a magma ridden rocky map, and the last tile type is a changing tile which has 7 states, when the tile is closer to neutral then the fight will be in a swamp, but when it’s white or black then it will be on those maps. The goal of the game is to kill the King of the enemy team.


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