Building and testing a PV system surveillance and cooling system based on Arduino Mega

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The energy produced from renewable energy resources, more specifically the energy produced from solar cells is growing significantly from year to year. Pursuing the best efficiency and the most possible energy-production is of critical importance, due to the systems’ price and the energy demand of their production. The demand arises to minimalize the operating PV systems’ efficiency because of the environment, if this is required by economic reasons. My job was to build and test an Arduino Mega based, solar cell monitoring and prototype cleaning system, which can remove the dirt that has gathered upon the surface of the cells. An important aspect, when selecting the devices, was low price, so that this could be produced significantly cheaper than those systems that serve the same purpose and can presently be found on the market. Basic expectations were, in terms of the constructed equipment , that it should be able to measure temperature, humidity , that it should be able to detect rain, and that it should have a remotely accessible interface. During the testing, which was made under real conditions , I checked and was convinced of the main functions’ operation, and also made an attempt at measuring the decrease of the solar cell modules’ efficiency caused by soiling.


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