Realization of a lighting control shield for Arduino Mega devices

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The thesis project deals with the development of a lighting control system. In

my thesis, I present the development of the interface circuit. I made the circuit

simulation with LTspice, and the PCB design in EAGLE. That hardware can be used to

connect sensors and actuators to the microcontroller unit running the control algorithm.

Two light sensors and six LEDs are connected to the system, which can be controlled

independently. The system is fitted to a KNX bus system, which is a building

automation protocol. I approach the standard from embedded systems. In the description

of the protocol I go down to a bit level so that I can write a program that connects the

Arduino card to the bus system.

The goal of the system is to save as much energy as possible with as few human

decisions and interventions as possible, contributing to sustainable development.

Keeping this within a reasonable framework, so that the user does not even notice that

they have special lighting.


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