Development of an Arduina based remote monitoring system

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Remote monitoring systems are very useful in many fields of daily life. Its usefulness in the field of medicine is one of the best known but in fact these systems are used in many other areas such as home automation.

It is well known that having a home automation system at home is a privilege of a few due to the high budget needed for installation. This is not entirely true as there are alternatives to these expensive installations and a stable home automation system can be created with a cost far below of upscale homes.

This project includes the develop of a home automation system based on Arduino platform, besides being an affordable system also it provides flexibility to the installation which is a big plus because this feature makes the system suited to the needs of users. This system is intended to monitor the condition of the house and be able to automatically and remotely control it.

All information relevant to the project is collected in this document, it begins with a description of the environment in which it is located and an analysis of the possibilities available to develop it and the justifications for the decisions taken over are also included. Finally further analysis, both technical and functional level, as well as personal conclusions regarding all the development work and the possibilities of improvement and expansion of the project.


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