Development of a price monitoring service

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

We can easily purchase everyday products with the help of online shopping. I have compared the prices of hypermarkets and I assume that the consumers will give top priority to the cheaper or the cheapest online store. Unfortunately, there is no available online platform like Árukereső.hu, which collects and makes the offers searchable.

My aim was to create a distributed application which can satisfy these requirements. I had to solve the problem of the collection of the product information and make it available for the users. I created a microservice architecture-based application and presented the products with web and mobile clients. .NET, Android and Angular frameworks are used with the help of C#, Java and TypeScript programming languages. The data are stored and managed in Elasticsearch, Redis and PostgreSQL database.

To reach my goals beside the product information collection I had to test and create the distributed application deployment. Between the data collector and the clients there is the Firebase backend as a service. It provides a lot of ready-made feature for the web and Android clients therefore I could focus on the real tasks.

The main challenge during the preparation of the system was to get to know several technologies and use them in a way to get a high quality.


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