Performance Evaluation of the Aurba WiFi Technology

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Over the past 20 years the wireless technology had been making considerable progress. It’s possible to use Wi-Fi devices at many places so the use of these devices is growing rapidly. Nowdays would be hard to imagine in any settlement not to see in the same time many SSIDs.

The thesis aims to present Wi.Fi solutions for Aruba Networks wifi and to show from an average user's perspective an Aruba controller architecture performance analysis .

The thesis is divided into seven major chapters. The first part bring forward different wifi architectural solutions. This is followed by Aruba Networks Wireless solutions for a more detailed presentation of each feature is explained in depth. Here and the related forums on the manufacturer's website which created the basis to construct a more comprehensive picture. An essential part the description of the topic made each method, as these performance values can be measured. In this chapter I present several methods as well. After I get out the methods of measuring and the environment for the design, would have to think about what areas should be carried out for the measurements. For these I use demokit: two Aruba IAP -105 and one 620 Controller. After setting up the test environment , the measurements performed by means similar to those of other manufacturers should be implemented. Finally, the last chapter summarize the results obtaine and evaluate to measure effectiveness.


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