Study of Direct Torque Control of Induction Machine

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Dr. Sütő Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the industrial mentality requires such speed-drives which ensures a reliable working operation for an affordable price. This requirements resulted in the widespread usage of induction machines. To ensure their proper operation many control algorithms were invented and implemented into industrial applications in the last decades. One of these algorithms is the so called Direct Torque Control which gives the topic for more and more publications nowadays, because of its simple topology, robustness and good dynamical properties. For these reasons the industry starts to implement this method widespread too.

In this paper I describe the topology and working operation of a three-phase voltage source inverter used in the Direct Torque Control method. After that, I describe the space vector representation of an induction motor. With this mathematical expression I derive the equations of it to create an equivalent model which can be implemented in simulation software.

I continue with the description of the basic Direct Torque Control algorithm and I try to give a clear and comprehensible description to understand the operation of it. I upgrade the basic method by connecting a speed-control algorithm into the basic system. I check the problems of the procedure and I give solutions for them. Finally, I create the discretized model of the method to make the implementation of the described algorithm to a microcontroller based system easier.

I implemented the created models into Matlab/Simulink and I tested the operation of them.


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