Design of three phase inverter for induction machine based powertrain

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Farkas Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of my thesis is to go through the long development procedure of a voltage inverter from the beginning to the end and to get an image of the industrial solutions. In order to obtain this image, I followed the steps that are made by the engineers of multinational companies during the development of a new product.

The specifications of the required device are determined during the first phase of the engineering process. After that, I present the design method of different parts of the inverter including the high voltage section and the power electronics. Moreover, I describe the route of the control signals and the feedback signals with the devices that take part in their transmission. I also write about the components which play a major role in the power supply or in the measurements.

Finally, the completed plans have to be put into practice. I demonstrate how the project turns into reality with the help of a PCB planning software, Altium Designer. After having the panel received, the assembling could begin. The last step is to perform supervising measurements to test whether the previous calculations were correct or not in all cases where there is a possibility to perform those.

I need to emphasize that the hardware design was made with the help of another student. The final plans are basically the same, however, the calculation and simulation tasks, the whole PCB planning were completely separate, as well as the final physical outcome. At last, I feel urge to predict, that the product finally functions as desired.


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