Design of three phase inverter for induction machine based powertrain

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Farkas Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My primary goal is designing and constructing a two-level three-phase voltage source inverter being capable of driving a low-power electric motor.

To start with, by giving introduction to some of the most typical appliances of VSIs based on day-to-day instances as well as presenting a new manufacturing method, I mean to put emphasis on the significance of this topic. In addition, a few basic features of inverters will be discussed.

In the second part I intend to expound the details of the „hand-drawn” design of the inverter starting from a rudimentary sketch through defining the needed values of the components to simulated model of the circuit.

Later I shall discuss about Altium Designer, a CAD program, by means of which one could seat a theoretical inverter onto a physical board.

Having had the board manufactured, the soldering process takes place. After that the only task left is to verify the operation of the inverter, which I shall write about in details.

By reading this dissertation, one is to get an insight of the whole designing and implementing process of a widely used electric device and can simultaneously learn about the structure and the operation principle of the inverters.


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