Design of induction machine model for motor control application with parameter identification

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Farkas Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of my dissertation is to create a flux estimator model which can be utilized in asynchronous motors’ field-oriented control drives. It is important that I have to build several models which are valid in different coordinate systems and the completed models must be able to work on the drive card of an induction motor. My other duty is to carry out a verification method on an already created flux estimator model. For this I have been able to apply an induction motor as a benchmark located in the laboratory of Department of Electric Power Engineering. The machine parameters of my models have been obtained from parameter identification of the investigated asynchronous motor.

After the introduction, in chapter 2 I will discuss briefly the principles of induction motor operation, their equivalent circuit and theoretical basics of the flux estimator’s construction.

In chapter 3 I will show in detail the procreation of the flux estimators and here I will also present how we can set up these models in different reference frames. After that a simple comparison of the created machine models will be discussed.

In the 4th chapter I will fully review the method and results of my parameter identification.

In chapter 5 the fundamental principle- and results of the verification will be presented.

In the last chapter, I will sum up the assignments done, furthermore, I will introduce improvement possibilities of my thesis.


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