Microcontoller based speed controller for AC induction motor driven pumps

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Dr. Rácz György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Three-phase squirrel cage induction motors have a significant role in today’s technical practice. It is almost impossible to find an application field of electrical drive systems, where these motors cannot be found. One of the application fields where AC induction motors are widespread is the field of variable-speed pump-drives. The topic of this thesis is the controlling of a variable-speed AC induction motor pump-drive by microcontroller.

The first chapter contains the fundamentals of the AC induction motor drives.

In the second chapter the characteristics of a variable-speed pump-drive and the possible control methods are discussed and, based on simulation results, the best control method is chosen. After that, the need for the modification of the current hardware is decided.

In the third chapter the microcontroller software used for the accomplishment of this task is described along with the HMI interface.

In the fourth chapter a summary of the results is given and the possible further research and development tasks are defined.


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