Developing an Attributum Handling System for e-Commerce Applications

OData support
Dr. Juhász Sándor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years we saw near exponential growth of features in on-line services. Further effecting e-commerce applications, higher demand from on-line shoppers introduced new challenges to smaller retailers and start-up e-commerce providers, who now face difficulty creating and supporting professional web based solutions with a limited budget, while competing against multi-billion dollar international giants like Amazon or e-Bay. To answer these challenges, this paper focuses on creating a feasible, yet quick and efficient attribute system, capable of handling the description of basically any services or products. Limiting administrative tasks to a minimum, I have achieved a solution that effortlessly handle complex search queries based on our flexible attributes, using costless, well-known and accessible open source technology (PHP, MySQL, nGinx) supported by a full-text search engine Sphinx and a modern MVC framework called Lithium. Thanks to the carefully crafted attribute system, and the wise choice of software components, I managed to create a system that satisfies the goals set forth by the introduction paragraph of this paper, and which, by the usage of its web scraping module, also makes possible to use automated scripting to fill up the bundled on-line catalog system with data without the need for excessive human interaction. This results in an enhanced user experience, increasing buyer trust, while also freeing (mostly human) resources.


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