Analysis of transmission network substation remote control data

OData support
Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My goal with this diploma-task is to demonstarte the necessary data for the Transmission System Operator (TSO) about the Transmission System to be remote controlled. I’m going to show these needs simple, clear for everybody, not just for specialists. In addition I’m going to show one station’s special data needs, and how to create a new station in the control system. The reader will be informed about what the TSO can see of the main distribution system, coccencted to the Transmission System, and what changes can be made on it. While the transmission system turned to be remote controlled, the tasks of the controller staff has changed, the diploma-task gives information about it. I specialize all the items, switches of the transmission system, and all the special measurements, signals and the signals of their protection about these, what are needed for the TSO to remote control the system. At last I give a summary of the reachable experiences of the TSO since the remote control system works.


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