Modelling the Electric Power Transmission System of the Central European Region Using Power World Simulator for Analysing the Expected Effects of Flow Based Capacity Allocation

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering


Operating and upgrading the cooperating transmission network connecting countries, i.e the wide area synchronous grid requires numerous technical–financial evaluations. The quantitative studies are based on a system model which is suitable for numerical analyses of the power system. Cross-border capacity calculation is an emerging area of the system studies.

Declared aim of the European Community is to demolish the obstacles of free trading and to create the Internal Electricity Market. The soon to be introduced coordinated explicit capacity allocation in the Central European Region is an important step to achieve this goal. This new process applying flow based method does not use the former capacity definitions based upon borders and exchange programmes, it is able to consider the interaction between awarded transmission rights and distinguish each congested network branches. The introduction and application of this novel and complicated approach requires many studies and analyses.

In my thesis I built the model of the transmission network in Central Europe using the Power World power system simulating software and I presented its features for analysing the flow based method.

At the beginning of this disquisition after describing the subject and summarizing the basic theory of power grid simulation I presented the specialties of the Power World software. Then I explained the process of building the system model based on publicly available information, and demonstrated the explicit and implicit capacity allocation techniques as methods for market based congestion management. I detailed the currently used bilateral NTC based and the planned flow based explicit capacity allocations by defining the concepts and describing the applied methods. Ending the thesis I presented the capacity calculating and auctional algorithms of flow based allocation by an example using data from the system model for grid analysing and the tools of Power World software.


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