Access transmission development for introduction of LTE

OData support
Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

As I am writing this thesis, the number of global mobile connections has just reached 7 billion. Mobile network operators are increasingly rolling out 4th Generation LTE services, while shutting down GSM networks is in short-term plans. LTE was preceded by several mobile network generations. In my thesis, I present this evolution in details. Besides main characteristics and architectures of each, I also describe limitations which led to the development of a successor network.

Rapid spreading of LTE and smart devices requires reliable, fast and high capacity transmission solutions. After detailed analysis of these and the operation of modern networks, this thesis’ main part consists of the planning of a microwave access path implementation. This path fulfills the 3rd Generation base stations requirements. When it comes to providing 4th Generation services, current transmission networks have various limitations. As the end of thesis, I give recommandations both at network topological and at microwave technical leveles to overcome these limitations.


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