Audio signal processing using FPGAs

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This paper investigates audio system controllers and the realisation of their available functions in FPGA environment. Most of these functions are based on second order filter sections eg. peaking and shelving equalizers and the most wide-spread crossovers realised with IIR-filters. The first goal is the conception of a hardware block that computes these second order sections using the DSP48A1 slices in SPARTAN6 family FPGAs. To do it we compare more filter structures according to the required number of operations and word-length, noise and stability. After evaluating the results the chosen structure shall be implemented in hardware with a high utilization of the DSP slices.

We also have to explore the possible hardware based solutions for dynamic processing and decide if we can keep the hardware cost at acceptable level.

Finally the former two units should be adapted to the previous system. It should connect to the AD/DA block and the Microblaze that updates coefficients on demand. The microprogram must be written for these two blocks' control units as well as the update of the program running in Microblaze.


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