Connection between audiometric tests and subjective feeling of patients after cochlear implant surgery

OData support
Dr. Vicsi Klára
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


Norbert Kovacs

Sanitary engineering students

The topic of my thesis audiometric tests and the subjective judgment of the patients examined the relationship between Cochlear Implantáicós surgery.

The master's thesis during the follow-up tests will be carried out in such a way that I measure hearing thresholds in the operated patients and listening threshold.

These audiometric tests have also been used in practice. However, it is important to know that the person who operated independently of how the measurement of the subjective sense of how you feel after each successive settings of an improvement. It is therefore important to compile a scientifically based survey, the answers to which can reflect the patient's comfort, communication, ability status, and ability to adapt to the acoustic environment. Therefore, to complete a comprehensive questionnaire to begin my measurements.

Then I'll do the math of the questionnaire data inversion. Then, it is important to determine what is the relationship questionnaire and audiometric data obtained by testing between. I apply the SVR (Super Vector Regression) for the collected data, the relationship between audiometric examination and questionnaire. Finally, the results are interpreted.


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