Design of an audiovisualization device

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Illustrational displays and lights, pulsing to the rhythm of music are quite

popular visual elements today. My dissertation focuses on creating a design for such an

audio-visual tool, and – based on this design – creating the device itself. The goal was

to create real-time visual effects based on the played audio.

The device had to be a separate, independent visualizer tool, which can be

connected to various audio players.

The project was based on a microcontroller, which operates a programmable

LED panel. The controller processes the input audio signal with real time signalanalysis,

and based on this creates a visualisation.

In my dissertation I go through the various steps of the design creation, then I

present a detailed description of the assembly of the device itself, highlighting the

various complications, I had to overcome.

During the project, I managed to reach every goal which I determined at the

beginning. I successfully designed and created a device to meet my requirements, which

were also described at the beginning of the project. I also managed to learn much about

various new technologies, and I could widen my knowledge this way.


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