Building a web application for supporting car component testing

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, time is one of the most important factor in a company. If tasks are scheduled and run on time, it results in higher overall performance.

Customers want to run tests regarding car components whether they pass some specified regulations. If they pass, then happy families will be able to buy the new “coupé” earlier. However, Customers don’t really know whom to contact regarding the specific test who can tell them the details. Based on our experiences, about 3-4 calls are made to reach the person who is responsible for their appropriate test. They need an interface showing all the tests our company provides and list the people who are responsible for them. With this, they don’t have to ask around pointlessly, wasting everybody’s time.

There is also a high probability that after the customer has found the person responsible for the test, he/she has to explain how it works, what parameters the test has, etc. for over an hour or so. To minimize communication time between the person responsible for the test and the customer, details about the tests should be listed, so that the customer will have less questions towards the responsible person after reading the details. If the selected test is appealing, then a request could be made. The request is then handled by the person responsible for the test (denying, accepting, delaying, etc.).

This application is built for supporting users to access information about tests in the laboratory as quickly as possible and do an estimation how long it takes. The tests are lists of steps where each one has to be done in a specified order. Each test has a Responsible Engineer, who can be contacted through email or telephone. The user can request a test to be run, and later, it can be reviewed by the Engineer. All the data will be stored in a database, and some of the data can only be accessed through authorization. The details about the time of the tests are hidden by the general user (they can only see the Total Sum of Hours), only people with a specific role can view all the details. It is written using the ASP.NET MVC Web Application Framework.


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