Developing a car service history managing application using WPF

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays every bigger car mechanic company already have included a process, in which they can manage their service books on computers, but smaller firms have not got enough money or time to use these process. However the need is real for an easy usable service application, which can help to check the history of repaired cars and the details of the service.

The task is to develop a service book, which has numerous useful functions for any repairing company. The application stores the basic features of cars to help the mechanics, otherwise they should check the car’s parameters every time before starting their work. It will warn the users if the vehicle’s safety inspection is near to expire or already have expired. The basic function of the application is to make a car’s service times traceable, so the user can find the details of the service.

Mechanics have some requirements for the application. The IT infrastructure of a shop is often undeveloped and they have not got steady Internet access. Under these circumstances the aim is to develop a system which can be used online or offline. During the offline working it stores the different parameters locally and when it is online it can synchronize the data to a cloud.

In my thesis, I introduce the implemented technology, especially WPF. I give a detailed description of the functions’ specification and about the design process. I present the development of the interfaces and the decisions about the synchronizing algorithm with Azure WPF Service. I write about the local database, the problems I had during the development and the solutions. In the implementation section I introduce how I solved the unforeseen complications and the difficulty to conciliate the application and the user interface, focused on the hardly observable rules of GUI design.


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